I just spent the long weekend with Dilan and Neil of Let Fly Paragliding at Lake Berryessa. For reference, I'm a 'new' P2 with about 20hrs total flight time. Never done SIV before. About as green as they get. In a class of 8 students, there was a good amount of diversity among student flying experience.

It didn't take long for me to learn Dilan is a genuine, honest guy who cares most about advancing your skills safely. The key word here is "you". Beyond my own instruction it was really terrific to see Dilan probe and understand each and every pilot individually. It was after he 'found the key' (his words) to unlock you that he could push you comfortably outside your own personal comfort zone. His purpose as I could see it was not to get every student to check all the boxes. No, his purpose was to push YOU further than you've been pushed before. After almost each flight, he was there to give honest (and sometimes brutally necessary) feedback to help you out.

I also learned this course for me is not a one and done. I'll be back regularly. It really opened my eyes to the potential issues we could face while flying. This course will help you manage that trouble should you ever need it.

Five stars. Go see Dilan and Neil, often.

-Ken, California

Dilan Benedetti