Let Fly is the real deal. 
Before this course as a brand new pilot, when I took off from the mountains and I had a lot of "what-ifs" going through my brain that I didn't have answers for. "What if a gust somehow cravats my wing? What if I turn too hard and go into a spin? What if I accidentally stall? What would I do?" This cloud of doubts hampered my confidence and my skills in the air. This course changed all that, and made me see clear!
Dilan is one of those very rare individuals, who can unlock potential in you you never knew you had. He pushed me through several of my own mental barriers, so the next time I go fly I no longer have what-ifs, I have answers. 
Amazing people, in a picture perfect place. I'll be back soon!

-Chris Kopack, California 

Dilan Benedetti