SIV Clinic

SIV stands for 'Simulated Incident in Flight' - as the saying goes, plan for the worst and hope for the best. This clinic helps give pilots old and new greater awareness of their wing and how to handle a variety of events that may occur when flying. Lauded by many experts as a necessary prerequisite for obtaining a P3 rating ,SIV Clinic's increase a pilot’s confidence and open a new dimension of flying a paraglider.

Designed For You

Whether you've been flying for a decade or just got your P2 - this program has been designed to be accommodatingEveryone progresses at their own pace - so no matter how confident, nervous, skilled or otherwise, you can learn at the right pace for you.

Safety First

We're committed to operating one of the safest SIV clinics available. We create a controlled environment with radio communication, a rescue boat, floatation devices and backup reserves. With the addition of Dilan's thorough briefings and expert knowledge, each pilot will have the confidence to fully focus on piloting before even leaving the ground.


Breathtaking Location

Nestled just north of Napa Valley, our picturesque location offers stable conditions, plenty of California sunshine and unbeatable views from 2,000ft. Join us for sunshine, plenty of paragliding & an opportunity to make new friends. Our clinics promise to be an unforgettable experience! 


Why SIV?

Whether you're a relatively new pilot or an experienced veteran, we all find ourselves mentally jogging through what if scenarios at times. An SIV clinic presents an opportunity for pilots to align their skill & confidence with the capabilities of their glider. At Let Fly Paragliding, we have combined years of experience teaching, flying professionally & running SIV clinics to construct a dynamic curriculum that's tailored to you. Our goal is to help you safely learn new skills and increase your piloting confidence.

Building Blocks

This course progresses far beyond learning and understanding theory - it’s about developing appropriate glider control and responses to inclement situations until they become instinctive.

Here’s a list of possible exercises you may progress through during the clinic. Everyone learns at their own pace - there is no set curriculum and no "passing the course". The goal is to walk away from the clinic with newfound skills and confidence! 

Wing Control Exercises

  • Pitch Control Exercises

  • B-Line Stall

  • Asymmetric Collapse

  • Frontal Collapse

  • Dynamic Turns and Weight Shift Exercises

  • Auto-Rotation

  • Wing-Over

Rapid Decent Techniques

  • Big ears (with speed bar)

  • Wingover w/ Big Ears and Speed Bar

  • Spiral Dive

SIV Maneuver

  • Dynamic Collapses w/ Pitch

  • Accelerated Symmetric Collapses

  • Accelerated Asymmetric Collapses

  • Full Stall

  • Spin To Back Fly

Advanced SIV (Experienced Pilots Only)

  • Big Wing-Overs

  • SATs

  • Loops

  • Helicopter

  • Etc...

3.5 Day Clinic

Thursday Evening (1/2 Day)

  • Mandatory Clinic/Safety Briefing


  • Kit Check

  • Tow Briefing

  • Full Day Clinic

  • Evening Briefing


  • Full Day Clinic

  • Evening Briefing


  • Full Day Clinic

  • Evening Clinic Debrief

Monday (Reserved For Rain Delay)

  • Mother Nature dosen't always agree with our plans - sometimes, due to inclement weather, we're unable to fly. In the event that we experience any delays, we're always committed to utilizing Monday as a make-up day, ensuring you maximize flight time during the clinic!

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