"While working towards my P3 I decided I needed to take an SIV course, so this year, I went out to take Let Fly's SIV clinic. And wow. What I learned about my own Paraglider, and getting out of formerly panic causing situations was probably the best investment I've made towards paragliding.

To put it bluntly, this SIV is intense. Under Dilan's instructions you will be mentally and physically challenged over 3 days. I had to take in a lot of information, but I gained both knowledge, courage and focus while flying.

Dilan does a great job of hammering (repeatedly) what you need to know before each flight. Provides clear instructions while practicing the maneuvers themselves and also knows when to back off. His syllabus is more of a guide and he makes sure you have each skill down before progressing as they all build on each other. He also provides a lot of practical lesson on how to utilize the maneuvers. He provides a type of strict, yet encouraging Instruction that was invaluable throughout the clinic. His team supporting him was top notch to boot. I fell in the water and within 20 seconds I'm being helped onto a boat and by that afternoon I'm flying again.

I highly recommend Dilan's SIV clinic to anyone doing their first one or wanting a refresher".


-Karl, California

Dilan Benedetti