My wife and I took Dilan’s three day Let Fly SIV Clinic the weekend of Sept 7-10 2017. Simply put: Dilan will make you a more confident, skillful pilot which will increase both your safety and your enjoyment of our amazing sport. He is an exceptionally rare combination of gifted pilot, focused, effective instructor, and motivated, caring coach. I was also impressed to learn he is a certified IPPI SIV Instructor – a qualification that USHPA does not offer and something no other SIV instructor in the U.S. has.

Dilan will fill the holes in your training that you didn’t know. His passion for paragliding as a professional shows as clearly as his “child dreaming of flight” enthusiasm. Plus he will hold your intention and is a fun guy to be around.

He will encourage you to challenge yourself but won’t push you if you communicate your limits and personal comfort threshold. He is a good communicator. He has the ability to modifying the course for each individual student.

So if you have been hesitant about an SIV, like me, because of fear, anxiety, or whatever - just leave that bullsh*t at home and go enjoy it and challenge yourself. The price seems daunting but you get a lot for what you pay for. And an added bonus: a learned a lot from the 7 other pilots and their experiences.

I’d recommend a Let Fly SIV Clinic to any pilot from low hour P2s with solid forward launching skills (absolutely necessary for towing) and acceptable landing skills all the way up to XC gods and aspiring acro pilots. There’s something for everyone.

FYI: I’d never met Dilan before, I just did some research on the internet and heard good things. I recognize this is a raving review (and maybe a little long, if you're still reading) but this is in no way a compensated endorsement. I paid full price just like everyone else - although he did offer me a beer the night before the first day of class. If you want, just ask him for my info and we can talk.

I little about myself: My wife and I I’ve been flying just over 4 years. I have about 100 hours since I got my P3. (Interesting to note, 3 of the 8 pilots where woman and they rocked it.) So now thanks to all the hard work this weekend I'm planning to get more air time, with more confidence and a bigger smile on my face. See you out there.

-John F. California 

Dilan Benedetti