Thank you Let Fly Paragliding for an amazing SIV clinic! Dilan has created a logical progression of drills and I learned so much in 3 days about how my paraglider responds to my input after various collapses, spins, and stalls. Dilan provides excellent briefings at set stages of preparation; this repetition was very helpful - especially when I got to go first. I'd asked a friend if I should bring books to read (!), but the time on the lakeshore was easily filled up by focussing on the next flight’s maneuvers or helping the next pilot up. The lake was calm in the mornings, however Dilan and Ben are skilled at adjusting the lap around the lake as the wind comes up and changes direction later in the day. It must be said, Ben worked some magic during launch by simultaneously gunning the boat forward, looking backwards, and adjusting the tension on the line of spectra attached to me. Towards the end, I like to think I’d improved a bit on the actual towing part. Time will tell, because I’ll definitely return for another SIV clinic.


-Jamie, California 

Dilan Benedetti