Dilan Benedetti

Dilan Benedetti has dreamt of flying his entire life.  In 2007, during a break as a war photographer for UNICEF, his dream came true - he began flying in the Italian Alps.  Dilan quickly decided to dedicate his life to the sport of paragliding. Wanting to fly as much as possible Dilan, narrowly escaped an Italian winter, relocating to Morocco. He quickly secured a job working for the venerated Toby Colombe at Passion Paragliding. 

During his time in Morocco, Dilan discovered Acro Paragliding - it's technicality and non-stop adrenaline quickly became an irresistible passion. In 2010, Dilan relocated to Nepal to safely practice his Acro flying over Pokhara Lake. He became the first Italian pilot to master Infinity Tumbling. 

With almost 365 flying days a year, Nepal enabled Dilan to become a professional Tandem Pilot with has over 4,500 tandem fights to his name. In 2013 he placed third in the Italian Acro Championships. It was then that Dilan made the decision to become an SIV instructor and Acro Trainer. Able to speak several languages, Dilan teaches and shares his passion with students from all over the world.  

In April of 2015, Nepal was hit with a major earthquake, forcing Dilan to move. Today, Dilan has landed at the legendary Eagle Paragliding school in beautiful Santa Barbara and continues to train the next generation of paragliding pilots through his company, Let Fly.